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Home Appliances Pose Challenges to Aesthetics.

Plastic parts used in home appliances place a special requirement on aesthetic design and quality.

The enclosures should be able to retain vivid colors for many years;

this has been pushing us to continuously improve the injection technology, time and time again.

Partnering with SAMBO to get a market-oriented injection solution!

Why Choose Us?

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    Rich Experience

    We design and manufacture common home appliances including electric cookers, coffee makers, electric hair driers, etc.

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    Our knowledge of molding technology is second to none. We focus on technical parameters to meet higher standard.

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    Advanced Machinery

    We have a great collection of injection moulding machinery to suit a variety of job types and sectors to satisfy all needs.

Explore The Possibilities

  • Portable folding Chair Black
    Portable & folding Chair - Black
  • Portable folding chair
    Portable & folding chair
  • Portable Chair Demo Video Cover
    Portable Chair Demo Video
  • Storage boxes 1
    Storage boxes
  • Storage box
    Storage box
  • cloth Steamer
  • Electric kettle
    Electric kettle
  • Launch box 1
    Launch box
  • air purifier
    Air purifier
    Water Purifier
  • Coffee maker
  • Sweeper robot 5
    Sweeper robot

Successful Case

Buttons of Coffee Makers Project --- No Requirement is too Demanding.

The subject plastic part of the project is the button of a coffee maker. We were asked to have them sprayed without covering the laser-printed words to allow a good light transmission.
Meanwhile, the surface around the button couldn’t be covered by the spray. What’s more, our client was in urgent need of the prototype for a fair at that time. Check out how we made it.

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