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Precision is Crucial for Electronic Plastic Parts.

Plastic parts for electronic products are normally small, so nowhere is precision more critical than in electronic components.

Combining our excellent mold design & making capability with the most state-of-the-art injection molding machines,Sambo can provide accurate plastic parts for your electronic products,large or small.

Why Choose Us?

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    Accurate Production

    Our precisely-made mold & sophisticated machines ensure your plastic parts are manufactured as accurate as you require.

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    Satisfy All Needs

    From cables and connectors to controllers and cameras, SAMBO provides durable & innovative parts for your needs.

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    Further Processing

    Except for parts production, we also offer secondary processingincluding assembly and silk printing to save your time & cost.

Explore The Possibilities

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    Handheld vacuum
  • Earphone
    Earphone (1)
  • IP Camera CCTV
    IP camera CCTV
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  • House party wireless speaker
    House party wireless speaker
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    Earphone (2)

Successful Case

Anemoscope Project: You Get What You Want.

The anemoscope needed to be molded into a white panel made from anti-UV materials, without aging or changing color for 5 years. The central zone of the solar panel cover shall be transparent to ensure a higher light conversion rate while the PCB in the corners need to be covered to ensure aesthetics.

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