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a engineer is designing a mold with CAD

Mold Design

A mold with perfect performance is attained by using the perfect design. Experience our professionalism in every process.

We work with you to turn the customized injection mold design into reality and we also present the reliable analysis report by utilizing more than 10 years of our experience in injection molding industry.

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3D Prototyping

We provide 3D printing prototype services for early confirmation.

Your prototype of the new project can be tested in advance to analyze the output performance, which can reduce the project time and the cost of the mold correction.

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a bottle prototype in the 3D printing machine

Mold Making

With the help of our state-of-the-art machines including lath machines, milling machines, we can confidently offer you precise molds and required mold repairing service.

Our proficient engineers make sure that your mold can be completed on time in high-quality standard and can perform excellently within the designed lifespan.

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2 male technicians are assembling the mold together
a manipulator is grabbing a black plastic part over a conveyor

Plastic Parts

As an expert in injection molding industry, SAMBO produces injection molding plastic parts for various products such as electronics, instruments, home appliances, consumer goods, etc.

No job is too small. No project is too urgent. SAMBO is always capable of producing satisfying solutions for you.

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assembling plastic parts

Secondary Processing

Your requirements on secondary operations of the plastic parts can be met at SAMBO. We are more than just an injection molding company.

  • Surface spray painting;

  • Finishing assembly;

  • Products testing;

  • Silkscreen printing;

  • More services as required.

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