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Anemoscope Project: You Get What You Want.

The anemoscope needed to be molded into a white panel made from anti-UV materials, without aging or changing color for 5 years. The central zone of the solar panel cover shall be transparent to ensure a higher light conversion rate while the PCB in the corners need to be covered to ensure aesthetics.

To meet the client’s requirement, we leveraged our business network and got in touch with suppliers for several types of UV raw material and sent them to our client for confirmation. Finally we singled out the right material for our client. Using the agreed material, we conducted experimental modal analysis on the texture plans and produced the most satisfying covering texture without affecting light conversion. We approached SGS for schemes about the standards, expenses and timeframe of the test.

While our client considered it was too long to wait for the testing outcome in China, it posed another challenge to us. But we overcome the challenge at last by sending prototypes to testing labs in America.

Finally one of our prototype passed the test and we managed to start mass production based on the approved sample within the timeframe.

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